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    10 industries experienced product lines, distribution select

    With 10 years of experience in production and sales of chemical commodities, rich products have four series, hundreds of varieties of market demand have a clear identification, regularly adjust according to the market situation so that the distribution of products more convenient.

    Periodic image promotion, big examples help you market prospect

    Jusco, Huarun metro, vanguard, RT Mart chain of super long-term partner image promotion and product promotion super do regularly in leading business, effective protection of brand promotion, the products are exported to Southeast asia.

    18 industries experienced product lines, distribution select

    Perfect service network, excellent business philosophy, advanced professional and technical, for domestic and foreign customers and friends to provide excellent daily necessities and household cleaning supplies. With a dedicated marketing center, a strong sales team, after-sales team, to provide customers with a full range of services.

    Periodic image promotion, big examples help you market prospect

    100% products are in strict accordance with the national standard of product manufacture, process control, Technical Supervision Inspection qualified deodorizing smell, cleaning, cleaning and other outstanding performance, effectively solve the housewife distress, let dealers sell insurance.

    Zhongshan Haihong House ware CO., LTD

    Zhongshan Haihong House ware CO., LTD is founded in 2007.The registered capital of 1 million; Company sets R&D, manufacturing ,sales and services as one with strong technical force, sophisticated means of detection, advanced production technology,Improve the quality assurance system. We are focuses on moisture absorber series, air freshener series, household cleaning series and deodorant series. Production workshop with 5000 square meters; Warehouse with 3000 square meters; Existing staff of 60 people; Our company has already obtained a national household products permit, environment protection certificate, self-import and export rights, ISO 9001 and SGS certificates. All the products in our company are produced based on our national daily chemical standards.  

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